Saturday, March 27, 2010

Any Cat Lovers Out There?

I have a beautiful long haired kitty named Tia, who I adopted from the shelter two years ago, and who is the inspiration and namesake for my shop, She is spoiled rotten and since it's just she and I in my apartment, she is never lacking in attention. Of course, when my boyfriend visits, she is quite annoyed that there is no space on "her side" of the bed!

Tia has all sorts of toys to play with, both handmade and store bought. But do you know what her favourite thing to do is? Grab my latest doll head off my sewing desk and run off with it. After watching her attack one with a particularly nice face, I realized that she likes the way the heads roll along the floor when she bats them around. So I altered my doll head pattern, and the roly poly mouse was born.

Sure enough, the first roly poly mouse I made was snatched right off my desk before it was finished, and I had to track it down by finding stray ears that I had not yet sewn in place. Apparently it's a hit! I'll be making loads more of next will be a roly poly cow. I'm pretty excited to fill in my shop a bit more!

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  1. I have two cats - an orphaned feral cat we found when he was ten days old, now three (Bucky) and a new kitten we adopted about a month ago from a shelter (Boudicca). Our beloved bobcat died just before Easter. I still miss him terribly. He used to sit and watch when I worked, never bothering anything.